The Research wing of Kalinga Institute of Dental Sciences was constituted in order to identify and translate core research ideas into viable R&D research projects which will ascend into clinical applications in Dentistry as well as Health sciences.

Research Thrust area

Oral Biology and Oral Microbiology – Genomics, Proteomics, RNAomics, Proteomics, Tumor Biology, Advanced Pathological Sciences, Oral microbiomics

Development and Embryology of Craniomaxillary – Active Growth Modification, translation of Growth in clinical applications

Imaging Science and Radiology – Advanced imaging technologies, Image analysis, Clinical application of Imaging Science

Material Science– Finite Element Studies, In Vitro analysis of Dental Material and it’s In Vivo applications, Applied Nano Technologies in Dentistry and Health sciences.

Applied Physics in Diagnostics – EMW based Diagnostic Appliance design

Epidemiology – Epidemiological studies and its application in clinical sciences. Behavioural science and it’s application in Dentistry.

Research Publications

Total No Of Publication From KIDS In Various Peer Reviewed Journals

Pubmed Indexed                 :  199
Scopus Indexed                   :  188
H-Index – (Scopus).           :  12
Total Citations – (Scopus) : 644


Year wise Research Projects

  • Year 2019 = 36
  • Year 2018 = 34
  • Year 2017 = 28
  • Year 2016 = 21
  • Year 2015 = 16

Funded Research projects

Names of Investigators Title of Project Funding Agency Completed/ ongoing
Dr. Abikshyeet Panda Development of a novel Electromagnetic wave based tissue processor BIRAC BIG 12/18 Ongoing
Dr. Vidya K.C. Development of Nano-particles Impregnated Surgical Silk Suture – A Novel Approach BIRAC BIG 13/18 Ongoing
Dr Ramakanta Mohaptra (Student) Evaluation of Marginal Microleakage of Fixed Provisional Crowns with Temporary Luting – An In Vitro Study ICP RESEARCH GRANT – 2015 Completed
Dr Hardik Makkar (Student) A novel low cost and medicated nano calcium silicate based root repair material IACDE Completed
Dr Hardik Makkar (Student) Biodegradable & Medicated Root Canal Scaffolds – A Potential Breakthrough in Regenerative Endodontic Procedures BIRAC BIG 10/18 Completed