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Dr. Pratik Agrawal has a 5 yrs teaching experience now at Kalinga Institute of Dental Sciences working diligently as a Senior Lecturer efficiently imparting his duties towards both academic and clinical work. He is in-charge for IInd yr BDS students taking theory classes in the subject of Dental Materials as well as Pre-Clinical practical classes for the students. He also looks after the clinical work performed by students from Final yr BDS. He manages the OPD of the department once every week and carries out restorative or root canal treatment for patients on appointment basis treating 3-4 patients everyday. He attends the seminar and journal club presentations of Post-Graduate students and monitors their clinical work progress periodically encouraging to increase their outreach and keep looking for something new to research and publish. He completed his Masters degree in the subject of Conservative dentistry and Endodontics in 2014 from Raja Rajeswari Dental College, Bengaluru and has been a part of Kalinga Institute of Dental Sciences since June 2015. He has constantly updated himself with newer revelations happening in his field of specialty attending numerous conferences both National and International, various CDE programs, doing international courses in U.S. and Ukraine and doing yearly publications in National and International journals. Dentistry is a career Dr. Pratik finds very rewarding and enjoyable. He is transforming smiles for a great cosmetic result with his clinical work. He is very passionate about dentistry; he shall ensure you receive the highest standards of dental care in a friendly and welcoming environment.

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Educational Qualification
Masters In Dental Surgery

Research Interests
Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

Indian Dental Association, Indian Association of Conservative Dentists and Endodontists, Indian Endodontic Society, Indian Science Congress

Outreach Activity
1. Promoting University through Social Media 2. Tutor - Mentor program
Journals/Conferences :
1.Recent biomimetic advances in rebuilding lost enamel structure - Journal of international oral health 2016; 8(4): pg1-9

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