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Dr. Gunjan Kumar did his undergraduation from the KLE VK Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgavi in the year 2005 with flying colors. He then went on to pursue masters in the subject of Public Health Dentistry from the Dr B R Ambedkar University, Agra in the year 2012. With a dream to teach, he joined the prestigious KIIT (Deemed to be) University in the same year. Meanwhile, he has received many awards from reputable organizations while serving the people at various capacities. He regularly conducts Oral Health Care Awareness & Treatment camps which has benefitted the people who are unable to receive the health benefit due to poor socio-economical conditions. Working actively as an associate professor for almost nine years, he has published many scientific papers and authored books in the subject. He also regularly attends national & international conferences. He has been an examiner to various inter-state universities.

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Member - Anti - Ragging Squad, In-Charge -- Department.

Awards & Honours
A) Awardee - Sushruta Award for Excellence in Public Health Dentistry. B) Reviewer - National and International Journals. 1. BMC Oral health - Biomed Central 2. Saudi Dental journal - Elsevier Publication. 3. International Quarterly of Community Health - SAGE Journal 4. National Journal of Integrated Research. 5. Journal of Clinical Research and Diagnostic Research . 6. International Journal of Tropical Disease and Health. 7. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International.

Life member - Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry

Outreach Activity
1. Conduction of Oral Health Education & Awareness Programme in schools, rural & urban sectors. 2. Oral health screening camp. 3. Oral health treatment camp. 4. Field visits to Water Treatment Plant, sewage plant, biomedical waste plant, slums, Primary Health Centers. 5. Conduction of Rallies, nukkad natak for awareness of Oral health. 6. Collection of data for research activities and surveys. 7. School Dental Health Programmes. 8. Working in rural satellite centers of institution.
Journals/Conferences :
1. Kumar G,Kunungo S,and Panigrahi K . ''Antimicrobial effect of streblus assper leaf Extract: A Randomized controlled clinical trial.''Journal of Pharmacology & clinical research.8(2020.:555740.

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Books :
1. Kumar G & Dileep CL. Role of Herbs in Dentistry, Lambert Academic Publishing.
2. Kumar G. Text Book of Public Health Dentistry. Scholar’s Press.
3. Kumar G. Indices in Dental Epidemiology. Lambert Academic Publishing.
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