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Dr. Atul Anand Bajoria completed his bachelor’s degree in dental surgery in the year 2011 from Manipal University, a gold medallist form his batch. He then finished his master’s degree in Oral Medicine and Radiology in 2015 from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. He is also a trained Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Diagnostician form Melaka Manipal Medical College (MMMC), Malaysia. Apart from being a distinguished oral physician, he is also trained in oro-facial soft tissue lasers from Asian Institute of Advanced Dentistry. He is also trained in basic and advanced oral implantology. He also received training in Radiotherapy Techniques and Surgery for treatment of Head and Neck Cancer, Karnataka Cancer Therapy and Research Institute, Hubli in 2014. Also received training in Specialized Investigation modalities of the Head and Neck Region at Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Medical Science and Hospital, Dharwad in 2014. He has also been invited as chairperson in various national and speciality conferences in the country. He has received numerous best presentation awards in national conferences in the country. He also has numerous national and international publications to his credit. He is presently working as an assistant professor in the department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Kalinga Institute of Dental Sciences, KIIT University.

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Oral Medicine & Radiology

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1. Tutor Mentor 2. NAAC Committee member 3. Online Evaluation Co-ordinator

Awards & Honours
Certificate of excellence during the BDS course in: 1. Gold Medal in Oral Medicine and Radiology 2. Gold Medal in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 3. Gold Medal in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics National Awards: 1. Awarded and funded by the Indian Council of Medical Research for a short term research project in the field of prosthodontics 2. Best paper award in National Triple O Symposium 2013: “Neuroimaging in orofacial pain: A trailblazer in diagnosis” 3. Best paper award in National Postgraduate Convention 2014: “Evaluation of radiomorphometric indices in panoramic radiograph – A forgotten veracity” 4. Best Review Article in National IAOMR Conference 2016. 5. Best paper award in IMPLACON 2018: “Titanium in Teenagers – Decoding an encrypted Data

Licensure and Certification: 1. Odisha State Dental Council Reg No: 1459-A 2. Fellow of Academy of General Education – Manipal University 3. Certified CBCT Diagnostician – MMMC Malaysia. 4. Certified Oral Implantologist – Nobel Biocare, India. 5. IAOMR Life Member - 1958LM 6. IDA Odisha temple city branch

Outreach Activity
Invited Chairperson and Judge: 1. Invited Chairperson for the National IAOMR Conference December 2016, Kanyakumari. 2. Invited Chairperson for the National IAOMR PG Convention August 2017, Odisha. 3. Judge for Student activities during 71st National IDC Conference 2018, Odisha. 4. Invited Chairperson for 71st National IDC Conference 2018, Odisha. 5. Invited Chairperson for 4th Implacon Conference 2018, Odisha. Invited Guest Speaker in International Conference: “Oral Medicine for General Practitioner: Red, White & Coloured Lesions” Stress Free Dentistry 2018, Malaysia. Invited Guest Speaker in National & State Level: 1. “Proliferative Verrucous Leukoplakia” – IDA Millennium City CME 2018, Cuttack. 2. “Oral Appliances” – IDA Millennium City (Sun Pharmaceuticals) CME 2018, Cuttack. 3. “Konnect” – Nobel Biocare P2P 2018, Bhubaneswar. Contribution for National Events: 1. Committee member for National IAOMR PG convention 2017, Odisha. 2. Committee member for 71st National IDC Conference 2018, Odisha. 3. Committee member for Denasia KARMA 2019, KIIT 4. Committee member for IAOMP PG Convention July 2019, KIIT BBSR
Journals/Conferences :
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